Industrial Aut​​​​​​​omation

​​​​​​​The Industrial Automation Division provides engineering, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning experience in a wide range of industrial sectors including oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, steel, copper, cement, and power plants. NEDA's extensive experience in control system solutions allows us to provide engineering services in the following areas:

Technology & Solution:
·         Yokogawa (Centum VP / Pro-Safe)
·         ABB (AC800,Symphony Plus)
·         SIEMENS( PCS7, T-3000)
·         HIMA (Hi-Quad, Hi-Quad X, Himax)
·         Emerson (DeltaV, S7S)
·         Honeywell (Experion PKS, Safety Manager)​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • ​​​​DCS (Distributed Control System)

  • FCS (Field-Bus Control System)

  • ICS (Integrated Control System)

  • PCS (Process Control System)

  • PMS (Power Management System) 

  • PDCS(Power Distribution Control System)

  • ESD (Emergency Shut Down)

  • SIS( Saftey Integrated System)